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KRYZL CONSTRUCTION started its humble beginnings on July 4, 1993 by a young couple who left their high-paying jobs in the industrial sector and ventured to pursue their entrepreneurial vision of creating delightful homes for the average Filipino.

Armed with courage and faith, they pooled their available resources and ventured into a self-financed townhouse construction endeavor. As the clients were impressed with the quality of output and services produced, the business rapidly branched out into horizontal construction like bridges and roads, as well as mechanical, electro-mechanical construction in industrial plants. Its clientele in the Visayas and Mindanao area include Del Monte Phils, Inc., Nestle, DEARBC Inc., Alaska Milk and General Milling Corporation, to name a few.

With just one year, the company increased its manpower to almost 500, became a member of some prestigious construction groups, and was accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.


It is in this year that the KRYZL Building has been fully constructed


In May 22, 2013, it opened its Analytical Architecture division which catered not only to the increasing demand for designers, but more profoundly, to create architecture through an unorthodox process. using computer aided analysis, it aims to synergize its decades of construction experience, carefully & analytically select the right materials, construction procedures, and design techniques, optimize the clients resources, and produce a cost-effective architecture.


This revolutionary step in our company, marks an epoch to a new direction and leap in forward-thinking, thus we launch our new name ZHEN ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTION.

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